Plus Size vs. Curvy

noviembre 25, 2021

Plus Size vs. Curvy

Curvy Top Model Toccara Jones, often considered as a plus-size model, interviewed with Hip Hollywood. She stated the media considers curvy as not really curvy. Curvy women come in all sizes, but the misuse of the term confuses young girls.


Plus Size Singer Lizzo, tired being body shamed says, "I feel like [being] fat is the worst thing people can say about me at this point," she shared. "This is the biggest insecurity. It's like, 'How dare a pop star be fat?'

I had to own that." She added, "I feel like other people who were put on that pedestal, or who become pop stars, probably have other insecurities or have other flaws, but they can hide it behind a veneer of being sexy and being marketable."